Brentwood Imperial Youth Band

The Brentwood Imperial Youth Band is a traditional marching band based in Essex, England. The band was founded in 1990 by Mr John Wyndham MBE to provide local youth an environment to develop life-skills in a fun, safe and musical way.

Since 1990 the band has developed into a highly successful group with a renowned international reputation. With over 100 members, led by a cadre of staff who are all volunteers, the youngest musicians are just 10 years old and many of the new recruits join the band with no previous musical experience. With a multifunctional capability the band performs at concerts, parades and tattoos throughout the year.

As honorary members of the 49th (West Riding) Infantry Division Polar Bear Association the band proudly wear the Polar Bear insignia on their scarlet red tunics.

Mr John Wyndham MBE founded the band with a vision of encouraging its young members to develop self-discipline and a team spirit. His own positive experiences in the London Sea Cadet Corps gave him the desire to emulate that arena but also to push the musical boundaries further. His achievements are very evident in the splendid youth band we see today.

The bands ethos remains the same today as it was in the beginning, aiming to encourage and train young musicians, to develop them both mentally and physically for the demanding musical schedule of concert and marching performance.

Band members are regularly exposed to a variety of musical experiences such as performing with professional military bands, performing concerts and displays extensively in the UK and abroad and rehearsing twice weekly come rain or shine. The Band's main endeavour is engagements of a ceremonial nature and as such lead Brentwood's Remembrance Parade and through its young members helps to keep alive acknowledgement of the sacrifices made by service men and women of the Armed services.

To encourage and train young musicians, to develop both mentally and physically for the demands of musical performance, and have fun enjoying making music.

The band aims to provide local children and youths with music and marching skills.

The band is a registered charity and is 100% self funded thanks to the fundraising activities that are undertaken throughout the year.

We're proud of our 'Open Door' and 'Music For All' opportunity. Band is about so much more than just music and marching.

Specialists at making the ordinary extraordinary every Monday and Wednesday, 7pm-9pm, no experience needed, no instrument required - just an appetite to learn!

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