The Band Of Liberation

The year 2000 was the year in which the Netherlands celebrated 55 years of freedom. The Marching Band Management was approached to programme a Liberation special band to focus on for these celebrations.

This tie-in would mean wearing Allied uniforms from World War II and to play music from the same period. 35 experience musicians were specially selected to be part of the band. A large number of them were old soldiers who had experience with traditional military marching music, and they had the experience they had gained in being members of various military marching bands and drum corps. Music was collected and authentic Canadian battle dresses found. Thus was created The Band of Liberation Army Band.

The intention was that The Band of Liberation would provide a one-off performance at the International Rhine Tattoo, 2000 edition, in the context of liberation. However, due to the great success of the action among the general public and the atmosphere during the rehearsals.

The repertoire has been expanded and consists not only of ancient martial music. Also songs of Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn and many beautiful corals were performed by the band, of course, all in the style of the period around World War II. Meanwhile, several veterans' organizations informed of the Band and is a welcome guest at various events for veterans. Many veterans from home and abroad have the Band of Liberation into their hearts.

The Band Of Liberation attend many other large and small liberation events, memorial services and parades. They last performed in the UK in The 2016 Belfast Tattoo as part of the Commemoration of The Battle Of The Somme.

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