Flag Wavers of Contrade di Cori (Italy)

The "Storici Sbandieratori delle Contrade di Cori" group was founded in September 1976 by a group of young man who wanted to reintroduce the medieval waving of the flag. After having studied this medieval art form from authentic documents "Acta" which described folkloristic traditions from the 16thCentury, they decided they wanted to exhibit the culture of the ancient "Gens Corana" both at home and abroad.

The choreography aims to harmonize the entire group, rather than highlighting on the ability of individuals. Together, the group manages spectacular waving of the flags, building a crescendo of whirling and swirling, tossing and exchanging of flags.

Over twenty years they have developed their style and become a highly professional folkloristic group, participating in festivals both national and international. Contact with other cultures has enriched their own folkloristic culture and popularized the name and age-old tradition of ancient "Cora".

The "Storici Sbandieratori delle Contrade di Cori" consists of the Herald, the Trumpeters, the Drummers and the Flag Wavers themselves.

Through the interplay of the sounds, the gorgeous colors of the costumes and the breath-taking movements imparted to the flags, the flag wavers contrive to conjure up an atmosphere of days gone by. The shrill, clear sounds of the trumpets and the low rhythmic beat of the drums act as a backdrop to the flight and play of the flags which, defile handled by the flag wavers, soar and swirl swift and sure to describe the spectacular and evocative patterns of yesteryear. It is then in their performances, that the spectacle becomes a display of colours, of power and skill which astonishes, captivates and thrills the audience.

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